Modula System is an innovative approach to bicycle saddle construction: a unique saddle shell that can be combined with a variety of tops to offer the consumer complete freedom to choose:

– their specific comfort (saddles tops padded with gel or memory foam, with or without an anatomic hole)
– their favorite colors and style
– unique add-on accessories.

This is system is made possible by a unique shell design with a special attachment system that can accommodate one of the many available coloured tops, as well as dedicated accessories that can be combined and attached in the middle between the base and the top.

The Modula System not only offers the maximum customization possibilities for saddles on the market, but also a new product “saddle”, a solution against common daily problems like theft, vandalism and bad weather. With an easy clip you can remove and take your top with you for no more worries about theft, vandalism, or weather.

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