PROCORE – the new dual chamber system is revolutionizing tire technology for the mountain bike!

From now on, the tire pressure can be controlled with a dual chamber system. On the inside, a high-pressure chamber ensures extremely high resistance against snake bites and gives excellent emergency running properties. In the outer chamber, however, the pressure can be reduced to only 1 bar. The increase in damping and traction offers much better bike control.

A patented dual valve distributes the air into both chambers. The upper part of the valve is a selector. Simply screw in or out to fill the desired chamber. An additional “Air-Guide” over the valve allows air to enter into the outer chamber.

Its name is PROCORE, and is derived from „progressive core“. The core is filled with a high pressure of around 4 to 6 bar and progressively absorbs even the strongest shocks. You can ride with an extremely low external tire pressure of 1 bar, which leads to a massive improvement in tire performance. Even in hard use much lighter tires can be ridden. The dual chamber system is a joint development with component producer Syntace.

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