At Rydon we believe that your bicycle light should always be there, just like your handlebar or saddle. It should simply always work, so you never have to worry about it. With this concept in mind we developed the Rydon Pixio, the bicycle light that simply always works.

The sustainable light is permanently mounted on your bicycle so you can never forget it. One of the smart features is the integrated solar panel, which will convert every beam of sunlight into energy and stores it in the batteries, so you will never have to replace and dispose the batteries. The Rydon Pixio uses the sunlight in the summer to charge the batteries for the winter. Just riding your bike in the summer gives enough energy to get you through the winter. You don’t have to put your bicycle in the sun all the time, you can park it anywhere you want, even in a garage with no light. The Rydon Pixio is made of high quality materials to make sure you enjoy your bicycle light for years instead of months.

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