Faster, lighter and more agile, the Roadlite CF is a carbon fitness bike for created for the workout. Through its combination of thoughtful design and high-tech performance, it sets new standards in the fitness range. Simple, precise and dynamic, the design adheres to Canyon values and places function as its focus. Taking cues from Canyon’s performance road range, the Roadlite CF is optimized for stiffness and flexibility in specific parts of the frame. This approach also manifests itself through the surface design of the bike and shows in its junction points and the distinctive steerer tube. The aerodynamic- and comfort-optimized carbon cockpit fixes itself coherently within the complete design. A central design element of the bike is visual contrast, where hard angles meet soft surfaces. Alternation between narrow and wide tube profiles create a dynamic interaction and precise parallel lines support the clear design language. This element of contrast reappears in the graphics. The diagonally oriented graphic creates a dynamic and precise look, while the bike’s form highlights the artwork and plays with the change from matte to glossy. RIDE YOUR WORKOUT

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