Innovation, outstanding performance and elegant, timeless design are the hallmarks of the RACE FLEX range of pumps. The innovative EZ-Head fits both Presta and Schrader valves and a simple clamp mechanism allows the pumps to be locked into place with one hand while the retractable hose protects the integrity of the valve. The clean, simple lines of the series are complemented by precision CNC-machined grooves that offer superb grip in combination with the sand-blasted and anodised finish. Intricate laser artwork in black gives the perfect finishing touch to the sophisticated, timeless design of these aluminium pumps. Whether you are looking for high-volume or high-pressure pumps, the RACE FLEX series offers a range of sizes optimised for your needs. The high-end hybrid models also feature a screw-off aluminium EZ-Head for use with CO2 cartridges to get your tyres up to the right pressure and you back on the bike in no time.

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