The new R.R2 FS 29 embodies the latest cutting edge technology and is uncompromisingly designed for racing. It transfers the energy of the rider into maximum propulsion and provides the best control at high speeds.

Addressing the decisive factors ergonomics, geometry and kinematics through a holistic technical approach of development, the product design with its innovative solutions and the use of modern carbon materials improve both the functionality and the dynamics of the bike. A key feature of the bike is its hand-crafted full carbon frame using a modular design technology. The complex shape of the frame, especially in the front section, increases stiffness and reduces weight, which results in more control for the rider. Particular attention was paid on the construction of the highly effective XCS chassis. With the help of special algorithms and precise calibration, the complex power factors were placed in optimal relation to each other. The design layout of the chassis combines traction and propulsion with sensitive response.

The product naming, defined colour codes and the surface design underline the technological background of the bike.

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