The perfect e-bike for the sporty consumer. A light and fast touring bike with a minimal weight, low-step, luxurious assembly and frictionless front wheel motor.

Furthermore, the handbuild frame is decorated in detail with brushed chrome-plated brass inlaid logos, smooth welding and integrated cable guides.

The efficient electric drive train with 8 powerlevels, powerful 250W Ultra Low Friction+ motor and the Silent Drive system provides the D9.1 the best in class performances for urban use. Be amazed by the massive torque when accelerating from a standstill.

The 36V Li-ion battery uses the best modern automotive technology. The battery is detachable and features, just like the LCD backlit display, an USB plugin. This provides you to charge your cycling navigation or your smartphone during the bike ride.

Due to the intelligent controller and the anti-friction hub motor the e-bike has the most efficient use of energy, up to a range of 160 km with one battery.

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