evinci Mobility has developed the eBike Pike I, which has the same lightweight design used in aircraft construction. It features the patented ‘Electric Drivestyle’ drive unit, continuously variable transmission and fully automated gear change, as well as a highly efficient and removable battery. The combination of self-developed swing arms, frames and seat domes helps commuters to reach their destination even more quickly without being stuck in traffic. An acceleration of 0 to 45 km/h in less than 5 sec and a range of over 100 km are key components of the typical Pike performance. Pike I represents the perfect symbiosis of technology and design. Reaches a final speed of 45 km/h in less than 5 sec Best-in-class e-motor 130 Nm at wheel Power: 1,000 W Battery power: 875 kWh Weight: 33.5 kg High range > 100 km Made in Germany Patented drive concept featuring the world’s smallest and most powerful motor (LSP development for CPM) and continuously variable transmission under full load Optional drive with throttle grip Removable battery and back wheel Ultra-portable Suitable for off-road cycling Service concept with support, workshops, warranty services, repair service, 48-hour spar

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