Olocus-System The traditional hub and ratchet system of action way which is put in couple right triangle with round edge SCM ratchet pawls that size is 0.2×0.3×0.5. Using the sharp side to hook the ratchet ring in the hub and make it forward what is similar with the cog and this is as the same as clock working principle. This function makes the hub working smoothly and the pawls and ring are keep working in the same time. Action brings abrasion, these two parts are acting in any time, no matter what is action by rider’s power or spinning by wheels set. This principle is used in all the things. This Olocus System was born by it. We adapted it like clutch system in the car. The abrasion comes from acting, but the other way is not. We used this to develop Olocus System in bicycle hub. Olocus System which is acted by a spring to push the small cog that three pieces in one shape to hook ratchet ring. It is acting when it moved and stop when it is not hooked. Small sharp will reduce non-necessary holding-on . This principle makes pawls don’t holding-on while it is not spinning that abrasion is not continued. This result let cogs and flute profile get prolong life.

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