Nyon is the first multi-functional all-in-one eBike on-board computer. It offers eBike control, navigation and fitness training in one single device and also provides smart phone functions. With the support of the eBike online-portal, eBikers can plan and analyze the new route but also their new fitness workout. For the first time, Nyon connects the eBike with online service offerings from the internet via the eBike online portal. The design of the device is characterized by the generous chamfer, which encompasses the most important controls, such as the 5-way joystick. The display cover with the integrated keypad area visually reduces the contour of the device to minimal size.
The chamfered surfaces can also be recognized on the remote control, which enables save riding and complete device usability, so that both hands can always remain on the handlebar. Nyon is seamlessly integrated in the design language of the Bosch eBike components which visually communicates the dynamic driving experience of the Bosch eBike drive system: the positioning at the handlebar is identical, the interaction concept is consequently continued, so that the brand Bosch is recognizable at first glance.

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