The innovative component lock

We have developed a very effective little something for you!
NutFix™ is the new and stylish solution for securing bicycle components. The NutFix™ system protects both wheels and the seat post against would-be thieves.

Its real strength lies in its special functionality.
The nut is fitted with a mechanism that only releases the screw below when the bike is on its side.
This means it is not possible to access the screw unless the bike is on its side.

Only a correctly attached bike is truly well-secured

A bicycle needs to be locked and attached to an object that is at least as durable as the lock itself. Ideally, the frame and wheels should also be attached.

NutFix™, the perfect additional lock for wheels and seats.

If the bicycle is locked upright, the NutFix™ caps cannot be removed and prevent access to the nut*, meaning that all your bike components remain securely in place!
*The NutFix™ caps can only be removed to release the nut when the bike is on its side.

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