NEXO, the micro cell tech tire. formed by NEXELL, one kind of compounded macromolecule elastic material innovated by OTRAJET Inc., is going to completely overthrow our stereotype of solid tires about its heavy weight and unsafety. NEXELL successfully lighten NEXO air-light with same cycling performance as traditional rubber tires. OTRAJET Inc. also develops T-Bolt, a device to fix between NEXO and rims, to provide street-smarts a secured biking life.
1. NEXELL: OTRAJET Inc. integrated more than three different kinds of macromolecule materials to form NEXELL, and transformed it into air-light solid tires named NEXO. NEXO is 40% lighter than PU solid tires and any other burst-proof rubber tires in the market. After rolling 50 km at 40 km/hr, NEXO keeps its deformation by less than 1 mm and its abrasion by less than 2%. NEXO satisfies the ideal but expected market needs of burst-proof, never-flat, and air-light solid tires.
2. T-Bolt: T-Bolt is developed to perfectly fix NEXO with all rims. It has passed 70 kg tire fall-off pressure test. T-Bolt also precisely keep NEXO in the center of a rim, preventing dangers caused by tire fall-off while bikes make turns or tires roll over stones.

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