A bike with a frame made of wood – which sounds like technical regress back to Karl Drais' running machine – is de facto an innovation in modern lightweight construction. nemus CAJALUN, the lifestyle bike from real wood veneer, just weighs 20 pounds; thus it ranks among the lightest citybikes.

The particularity of the sportive urban bike is its frame, which is produced from thin veneer layers. Besides the low weight the bicycle frame convinces with resilience, longevity and high riding comfort. Top-quality lugs connect the lightweight wooden tubes to a stable bicycle frame in spiral design. The contrary raw materials wood and metal complement each other in an ideal manner. So that the design goal of a holistic aesthetic is reached in full.

The material-efficient manufacturing of the innovative frame material saves valuable resources. Moreover, it constitutes an environmentally friendly alternative to energy-intensive materials. Perspectively, the percentage of aluminium in the nemus frame will be further reduced. Whereas aluminium can be returned to the material cycle after use, veneer can be burnt CO2-neutrally.

nemus CAJALUN – contemporary eco-lifestyle in urban space.

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