With new revolutionary from NECO Industry, NECO 3-Intelligent Portable Charger, together with NECO 1-Intelligent Wire Hidden Headset, NECO 3 will be the best product to fit with NECO1. With both creative, simple, and innovative design, NECO 3 is applicable to head tube with inner diameter Ø22.8mm to Ø26mm, and furthermore, NECO 1 is suitable for different outer- diameter head tube which can fit in 1-1/8” steerer, both help riders fit for their own bike easily with the special design. With both intelligent design, brake and shift cables with NECO 1 are not only been kept in the tube clearly from head tube to top and down tube, but also saved the cost from cable stopper. As for NECO 3, it helps riders charge their smart phone or electronic accessories for bikes anywhere/anytime, last but not least, the portable charger from NECO3 can be used not only for the bike but for consumer electronic products in daily life. Because of high performance of NECO1+NECO 3, we believe both will increase the convenience and safety for cycling riders from now on.

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