In every City, There are lots of situations that when you biking.
Crowded people, narrow streets, small living space.
The Idea comes from scooter and folding bike combining so that we can easily transport in crowded city and storage.
The Sliders 20F is using better structure and lower the top tube for riding friendly.
It’s have a 26″ geometry inside the 20″ bike, which is comfortable to ride.
We designed a stronger and lighter frame that is easily to fold. The main frame with the diamond shape and design the two wheel on floor folding process can fold in 2 seconds.
Sliders 20F after folding size is a suitcase size and handlebars can be used as drag handle. Diamond structure help the front wheel steady on it fixed.
We try to have a better experience on how city bike can provide. Not only a stylish bike ,but a total solution that suite to the city user.

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