2016 – Micro goes Deluxe Our children’s products based around the Mini and Maxi have enjoyed enormous success and maintained their position on the market for many years. They have been awarded international prizes for design and functionality on numerous occasions, are recommended as an educational toy by renowned doctors and have frequently been copied, though never equalled. But most importantly, they have brought additional fun, joy and a smile to the lips of millions of children around the world. We are, as everyone knows, untiring in our efforts to improve and optimise our products. But how exactly can you make a perfect product even more perfect? How do you make a timeless design even more popular? These questions posed Wim Ouboter and his team with a major challenge, and following dozens of months of brainstorming, studies and research all over the globe, a new Deluxe world was born. Based on the existing Maxi, it exudes a new splendour, being manufactured with only the best components adapted to suit the latest production processes and coupled with unique colour combinations.

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