V-danci V1 Lithium Folding Bike is designed for the young as the green transport tool pursuing for the perfection, best controlling intelligence, assertive personality and parking convenience. It aims to solve the dilemma of young group in cities as they hope to own a convenient, foldable and space-saving conveyance for better commute. It is faster than the normal bicycles, at the same time, lighter and more convenient than electric motorcars. Therefore, it would satisfy more demands of users.
Through inventing V-danci V1 originally we expect to inspire recent market full of copy and imitation and bring new growth point by means of the assertively perfect technique. Through the success of the V-danci Vi, we hope to show the whole industry the value of design innovation for the industry, users and society.Considering the market differentiation and recognition, we collocate strongly identified, ring with a car-level metallic paint and micro-curved frame, in order to highlight the professional and furious minimalist bodylines. V-danci V1 gets rid of the messy parts and splicing of the solder joints of traditional electric cars, and creates means of transport with a sense of future

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