This luxury e-bike is based on a super-smooth welded aluminum frame, with a special downtube for the integrated, removable battery. Consumers have the choice of three different battery capacities. The luxurious appearance is achieved through the use of the KOGA Feather Shock suspension fork with KOGA Crown Connect Technology and KOGA Rayo II headlight with fully integrated cable routing. The E-Special is powered by a silent Ultra Torque ION rear engine (50 Nm) that distinguishes itself from Pedelecs with mid-engine motors. The large and sturdy display features a high resolution screen and optimized GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is intuitively operated through the handle bar control located near the grips. Contact points and seals have been improved, with corrosion resistance being optimized further. The E-Special is assembled using only top-class parts such as a Shimano Deore LX drive train with 30 gears and Shimano Deore LX hydraulic disc brakes.

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