Kinazo e1 is the world’s first 3D printed eBike created with the idea to build fully customizable bike fitted directly to the riders body geometry. In addition to the function, the product meets the eye-catching design philosophy. Integrated engine with battery are hiden into the frame construction. Bike printed directly to customers size is more personalized, complete aligned with riders body. Riding the Kinazo e1 is like stepping out in a custom-tailored suit and shoes. Thanks to the individual customization achieved by using a special body-fitting equipment, we are able to match each frame to a customer’s particular needs. The frames can be printed with differences in size, wall thickness, inside structures or other specifications. The world’s biggest 3D DMLS printer, allows us to print the full frame in one piece without any welding. The 3D technology enables absolut freedom for creativity and shaping without any limits, allows for changes, even during printing, without added expense or time. This was impossible by using a traditional manufacturing methods. The 3D printing process is a revolution in designing and thinking of how to do things, it is the future of manufacturing.

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