Hase Bikes Kross with Shimano STEPS Motor

The new Hase Bikes Kross with Shimano STEPS motor is a successful combination of full-suspension trike and e-drive system.

The KROSS from HASE BIKES is equipped with a Shimano STEPS motor, making it the first trike to have a mid-motor integrated in the frame. The integration of a mid-motor is made possible by the unique geometry of the trike, with its weight distribution and two driven rear wheels.

The combination of a differential with a newly developed full-suspension system that includes independent wheel suspension on the rear axle guarantees pure riding fun, even on curvy, hilly, and unsurfaced roads. The 80 millimeters of travel translate into perfect comfort.

And the new Hase Bikes Kross is also fully equipped in terms of safety. With the wide, knobby tires and three disc brakes, each with a diameter of 160 millimeters, riders will have no problem keeping all that fun under control.

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