Striking design language and unlimited functionality
At first glance, the Berleen is not recognizable as an e-bike. The decision for a compact rear-wheel drive and a slim battery, however, not only follows design considerations.
Since the Berleen is designed for use in large cities, it must be comfortable to carry, whether in the basement or in the apartment. Condition for this is a weight below 20 kg. This in turn requires intervention in the architecture of the E-system.
The result is a compact rear-wheel motor, whose diameter is not larger than the rear brake disc, and a battery reduced to 20 cells. This gives you enough energy for a day in the city with powerful acceleration.
The integration of components, which is important for the design, shows above all the battery placed in the down tube. That design is not an end in itself, underline the display in the top tube and the locking of the battery, which works like the flip top of a beer bottle.
The free Kalkhoff display App completes the Berleen equipment and can be used as a bike computer or navigation system.

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