With its clear design principles, striking silhouette and clean surfaces, the Inflite CF SLX sets itself apart. Light plays off of its boldly defined edges and forms. Uninterrupted flow between tubes clearly communicates the bike’s performance focus. Close attention to the bike’s function gave birth to its form. The patent-registered carrying system not only optimizes rider performance, but also gives the Inflite CF SLX its unique character. Key locations across the frame are designed for a specific purpose, such as reducing the build-up of mud. The bike’s interfaces are geared towards complete system integration. The cockpit, in conjunction with other innovative solutions, such as the integrated seat clamp, communicate simplicity and functional precision through formal aesthetics. Graphic elements are fundamental to the overall appearance of any bike. The “brackets” not only serve as an optical connection between the cockpit and seatpost, but also highlight the bikes signature parallelogram. Black surfaces on the fork ensure a flowing transition to the frame.

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