The new Infinium with a refined tooth profile changes the paradigm of the mountain bike cranksets. Where everyone is using a thick-thin teeth profile to retain the chain in place without dropping on the hardest bicycle trails, the new Infinium uses a different approach with a patented assymetric hooked design on the teeth that accomodates the chain under pressure, like a holder acting above the rollers of the chain, providing a much better chain retention than the current systems in the market, and also allowing odd teeth configurations. The latest version of Infinium also has an optimized design for mud clearance on heavily harsh conditions. For the best weight-to-strength rations, most of the crankset uses titanium alloy, for an high stiffness and a more powerful pedalling. With the chainring covered in an unique nanotech(TM) thick “flexing” coating, the friction is reduced, the energy transmission is improved and it provides a superb endurance to the crankset, to last like no other. The aesthetics and overall design of Infinium was studied since inception to be not only light, but to match perfectly the racing profile of the most premium mountain bikes.

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