With the Caress Observer, Hamax has extended its range of high quality child bicycle seats to include a solution for the many wanting to have their child safely in front of them on their very first bicycle trips. The front mounted child seat is certified in accordance with EN 14344 and approved by the acknowledged test laboratory TÜV.

The Caress Observer is designed with ease of operation in mind, so that the child’s safety is taken care of from the moment it is placed in the seat, throughout the ride, and finally when it is time to come out. The harness, foot rests and foot straps can be ajusted using one hand only, so that you can support the child at the same time. The seat can easily be attached and removed from the bracket with a simple grip, and can also be locked if the seat should be left unattended.

The Caress Observer has a lean, elegant design which makes the total impression of a bike with a front seat very smooth and agreeable.

The Caress Observer front seat is suitable for children from 9 months of age, when most children are able to sit unaided, and up to a weight of 15 kg. The fastening bracket also allows a wind screen to be fastened.

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