Due to global warming, bicycle is also playing an important role day by day. It means that the frequency of riding bicycle has increased and results to speed up the chain wear condition. Whether you are in long-journey riding or speedy pedaling, the fist problem is always that chain grease is heavily consumed after short period of time. TAYA patented design of U-shape grease container is maximum expanding the grease storage space in a chain. Such unique U-shape container responds to the different grease releasing level upon the temperature from speedy pedaling or not. It ideally increases the chain life and saving rider’s maintenance frequency. In the meantime, the Golden-Hoop-Stick design of EVO-Light chain provides the 100% complete riveting strength, and dramatically raises the chain security. By the innovation of two-in-one piece of inner plate, the weight been largely saved with min. 15%. That also assists the rider’s physical exhaustion, and eliminates the riding noise with no vibration between parts. In terms of color, riders are able to choose their favorite color on a chain to express their personal style in riding.

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