All in One integrated Mounting Solution for Bike Riders!

Many cycling enthusiasts whether it is a long race around the island, cross-border travel or adventure biking, etc., they often equip GPS, cycle computer or sports camera to record every movement during the journey. However, lights, GPS, Sports camera, more and more devices use on limited handle bar space, it is not just occupy the space, but also do not have the proper mounting position for the best results.

G-Mount bracket is a brand new idea designed for cycle computer, Sports Camera with built in LEDs light. The design come with interchangeable holding mount that is available for most of cycle computing device, ex. Garmin, Sigma, Sony, Go-Pro. Users do not need to buy new mounting bracket if changing the device.

Riders look for lightweight, the G-mount is construction with CNC machined aluminum body and weight at only 90 grams. Built in rechargeable battery for a long lasting bike gadget!!

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