Polisport’s Foldable Lift Bike Stand was developed to make the user’s life easier while performing bike maintenance and minimize its space footprint when in storage or is being transported.

The bike stand’s foot pedal will help the user to elevate the motorcycle easily, with minimal effort, and completely by himself. The foldable design makes this an unique product, being the only hybrid bike stand (made of plastic and metal) to bring together the lift feature with a completely foldable design.

The structure of the bike stand is hybrid, most of it is built in strong and resistant plastic compound and the interior is fully reinforced with a metal frame, making the stand handle up to 200 kg / 440 Lb. The built in handle makes the transport of the bike stand easy and comfortable, while the completely foldable design will save a lot of space at home or during transport.

The hybrid structure, makes the bike stand lighter than the metallic competitors, being also a plus for the user when it comes to transport.

The top of the stand is built in a rubber like composite that will give the best possible grip to the bike’s frame. When performing maintenance, you can use the handy

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