FLORA In a few years, nearly every bicycle designer focuses on the aluminum or carbon fiber to design strong, exaggerated or aerodynamic bike frameset. Steel tube was forgotten in the history or just artwork. Why we stop innovative design in steel frame. The 700bike’s Flora is a simply beautiful city bike. Using the numerical control curve machining, the top tube is made in three different radians, with old classic LUG part. K-drive belt transmission system is a brand new design on S8M tooth belt. This king of belt has smaller tooth than traditional bicycle belt tooth, more efficient and more silent than other type. The other contemporary 8M or S8M system are not suitable in fierce pedaling power, so we have made innovation in the dynamic inducer to hold on the belt in right tensioning all the time even the loose belt position. We need more air space like fat bikes for 26 inch wheels to make smooth ride on bumpy old streets, 1.95 inch slicks are better. Classic style also has a proprietary smart stem, round screen with digital watch face. Smart stem is just like a traditional bike stem at single glance, but it has GPS, Bluetooth, GSM parts to connect with your smart phone all the t

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