New level in bike chain production:
TAYA developed first super light chain without a roller

A bicycle chain has to be smooth, long-lasting and light. EVO Light is the lightest chain that has ever been produced. TAYA presents a new concept transforming the common design and structure of a chain: EVO LIGHT is the first rollerless chain of the world – weighing more than 30 % less than an equivalent single-speed chain with a roller!

Without the constant friction by the roller, color, anti-rust and hardness surface treatment last longer – that’s the main benefit in addition to lightness.

Not only the sustainable lightness, but the strength and comfortable riding are responsible for the unbeatable benefits of EVO Light. The new technical construction generates a 100% pedaling power transfer and no more loss of power like it happens by using a traditional chain.

The unique U-shape of the chain links is proper for a perfect grease keeping. The continuous lubrication supports the best and quiet chain running performance. EVO Light – a future-oriented technical further development by an innovative product design.

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