We designed COWBOY to appeal specifically to urban Millennials, who don’t really consider e-bikes because they perceive them as:

1. designed for an older target, not theirs,
2. too expensive, and/or
3. technologically limited

We designed COWBOY to feature:

1. Smart-motor assistance – sensors, measuring speed/torque, intuitively adjusts to your pedaling style/force, delivering a boost of speed at key moments – when you start pedaling, when you accelerate, or going uphill
2. Removable battery is lightweight, compact and secure, giving you up to 60 km of riding before a re-charge in any outlet
3. COWBOY App features:
– On/Off switch – only you can activate your bike
– Dashboard – speed, duration and distance traveled
– Navigation – guides you to your destination
– Find my bike – GPS tracking via 2g
4. “Always-on” front/rear safety lights built into the bike’s frame help keep you visible while riding
5. The brake light intensifies when decelerating or braking your e-bike
6. Hydraulic disc brakes enable you to stop faster and with more control
7. Carbon belt provides a durable, clean, maintenance-free transmission

COWBOY sells for €1.499 only online.

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