Never compromising safety or style

Closca redefines the cyclist helmet, wisely adapting it to the city, focusing on two important handicaps conventional helmets have:
– Excessive volume, which makes carrying it difficult after pedaling
– A look that is cut off from the personal style of those who choose bicycle as their transportation alternative and do not want to compromise their style.

Fuga helmet is comprised by three mobile rings, which allow folding it to a flat position in one single move, occupying less than half of the initial volume. It is the only certified helmet that fits a briefcase, purse or backpack.

It is important to look good. Closca offers an accurate assortment of materials and finishes, detached from usual standards for cyclist equipment and closer to product and fashion trends. It’s another accessory of your own style.

The helmet, has also a multisize elastic tightening system and air vents favoring fresh air entrance and hot air exit.

Closca owns safety certificates proving their approval for USA, Europe and Asia.

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