One of the most striking innovations is the frame design. We have rejected the traditional triangular frame and have worked on a solution without seat tube. This allows us to have the saddle suspended from the frame better transferring the pressure onto the wheels. The result is a better riding experience!
Our exclusive and in-house developed mid drive system (with torque sensor) reacts to the riders pressure on the pedals and provides power together with the rider’s efforts. This is the most precise and intuitive way to assist while pedaling; it protects your knees.
Motor type: SINO-LI MAL36A-250 type, integrated mid-drive system (torque sensor)
Rated voltage/power: 36V/250W
Max. Torque: 80N.M
Free wheel: 46T/52T
Battery brand: Panosonic lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity:5.8Ah
Charging time: 4-5 hours
The display provides a user friendly and intuitive interaction,Once you turn on the display, you will be surprised by its simplicity and clarity
The design of the rear lock and rear carrier is also a unique feature of chock. An innovative solution that combines the rear lock and the rear carrier in one solution. Made to satisfy a wide range of user’s needs.

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