The BMW Bike Collection third generation. A individual, unique and distinctive frame design reflects the typical BMW design language and is the basis for the BMW typical agile driving performance (translated into the bycicle).
The different paint colors and specifications of the three bycicle derivates (BMW Cruise Bike, Cruise M-Bike and Trekking Bike) cover the hole width of the different urban user scenarios.
The paint of the frame with some individual accents supports the sporty design. High end components of Shimano from the hydraulic disc brakes to the Deore sprockets belong to all BMW bikes.
Additionally to the bycicles is a new Pedelec available, which got a new design for 2014 as well. The new pedelec (BMW Cruise e-Bike) fits harmonically into the new bike design language. The electric components like Drive Unit, Power Pack and Control Centre are embedded perfectly into the new frame design without any restrictions of the additonal function.

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