Quick. Nimble. Sturdy. Beautifully designed, the BESV JS1 e-bike features an integrated, durable frame for long-lasting performance, no matter the rider’s age, gender or clothing. JS1 is ideal for short rides to the park, a quick spin around the neighborhood, or even longer rides in the countryside. Equipped with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system, the JS1 delivers a smooth ride, every ride. Sleek, Stylish Integration The JS1’s headlight and interface are completely integrated, delivering both fashionable and functional appeal. In addition, this design has received K-MARK certification in Germany. “Power Your Ride the Smart Way” Developed exclusively by BESV, JS1’s Smart Mode calculates the level of assistance you need for optimal ride comfort, taking into account both riding conditions and your pedaling power, and intuitively and intelligently adjusts the power while you ride. Our proprietary, custom-built power drive system, Algorhythm, is integrated into every BESV e-bike. Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, Algorhythm calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance whenever it is required.

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