The purpose of my project was to create a bicycle that would combine the unique design and a compact storage. I started my project with the idea that any bicycle is a set of a number of parts that are fixed together.

The idea of my project is an engineering experiment. I redefined the components of a bicycle and created a new principle of folding of a bicycle frame for easy transport and storage.

My project is a bicycle frame that is flat when it is folded.
The frame has special holes in which a bicycle fork and a seatpost are inserting, thereby locking the bicycle frame in a certain position and creating a strong construction.

The assembly process of the bicycle can be done by anyone, it does not take more than 15 minutes and will use two well known tools that everyone has at home. In disassembled state the bicycle consists of a flat frame and several components (wheels, seat post, fork, handlebar, pedals and a chain), which significantly reduces the storage space.

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