The Adrenic is equipped with the same successful ‘virtual four-bar linkage’ as the legendary ‘Organic’. In the case of the rear parallelogram, which is competitive to this day, the rear wheel is moving linear backward/upward instead of simple performing a circular motion around the rear center of rotation. The two rockers isolated from the rear triangle ensure precise response and reaction-free characteristics (neither rocking impairs the rider’s forward move). With 120 / 140 mm of suspension, the Adrenic pursues a middle-of-the-road approach between a 100 mm race bike and an enduro. 650B wheels deliver supreme riding dynamics that go hand in hand with agile steering characteristics and make the bike easy to handle even on winding trails. ‘Sectional Depending Stiffness’ guarantees engineered stiffness of the frame. ‘Optional Direct Mount’ facilitates switching to a single chain ring witout the undesirable presence of a front derailleur mount and the through-axles ensure stiffness of the chassis. The Adrenic frame set provides the ideal base for one of the lightest full suspension bikes on market. Adrenic – traditional top technology.

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