3T Revo is a new racing bicycle handlebar that turns traditional design through 180°. Traditional ‘aerobars’ comprise an aerofoil basebar with handholds, or ‘grips’, that extend forwards of each wingtip. Revo reverses this plan by placing the grips behind the wingtips, so they extend towards the rider. Why now? The answer is as simple as the idea: it’s safer and more comfortable—and nobody thought of it until now. In maneuvers such as sprinting or hard cornering, the rider needs more leverage on the bars for stability and control, and moves the hands to the outer handholds. With forward-pointing grips, it’s all too easy for the hands to slip off the front. With Revo, this cannot happen, because the handgrips are behind the basebar. At a stroke, Revo eliminates the time-trialist’s nightmare scenario, losing control of the bike. The aerofoil section is as slippery as it can be for the format required, and houses all control cabling internally. Extension bars are fully configurable so the rider can get their perfect position. Fabrication is to the highest standards, with a carbon-fiber layup that confers steering precision married to resilience.

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