For this poster, we were tasked with creating a promotional poster for a fictional art exhibit. I chose the artist Sol LeWitt as he is one of my favorite artists. I decided to focus on his use of lines and shapes to create optical illusions. His Wall Drawings #370, #340 and #565 were three of the pieces I drew most of my inspiration from. I decided to use shapes to create the letterforms for his name to harness as much of his style and presence as possible. The decision to use contrasting directional lines was another way to capture his style and challenge the viewer to find the name within the design. The use of black and white is intended to create a more graphic aesthetic to the poster. The exhibition information was placed in black rectangles at the top and bottom of the poster to provide relief from the center of the poster and create more of an emphasis on Sol LeWitt’s name. His work was stark and graphic and placing his name in the center of the poster was my way of mirroring his approach to work. 

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