Social Geometry demonstrates its lively, bold, innovative brand style; The geometry graph on the bottle label is like various personalities of humans; it also means that each flavor will bring the special feeling in terms of taste. When one is drinking and socializing, he/she meets people with different personalities, and they would create sparkles between each other, as well as wonderful changes.
The round geometric figure is called profound; it is bold and passionate, and yet generous and smooth, just like the strong and yet refreshing taste of Mojito.
The square shape is steady, just and down to earth, but demanding for perfection. It is like Margarita; when it flows into the mouth, it is sweat, but as it slides down the throat, the strong taste will appear.
The triangle is called aspirant, ambitious and constantly looking for challenges and excitement, just like the sting of the sour lemon taste.
The triangular pyramid figure is called Elegant, its magnificent elegance represents the comfortable and tasteful image of champagne.
The column figure is lively, the cheerful personality is as intriguing as the grape flavor.

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