In today’s modern families, everyone has different time schedules due to late meetings, sports or other activities. Additionally, consumers developed more individual tastes. The Single Serve Steamer facilitates modern lifestyles. These steamers allow every family member to prepare a healthy dinner that meets their individual preferences in portion, taste, diet or moment of consumption. The sturdy borosilicate glass bowl and lid with pressure valve steams vegetables, meat, fish or poultry in no-time, preserving nutrition and flavor. The silicone lid provides safe use and easy straining, simply by lifting the opening of the lid into a higher position and pour out the remaining water. Its triangular shape allows combining up to 3 steamers together in a microwave. This ’healthy tool’ easily facilitates a family dinner or a single meal. The elegant bowls can be used to steam, to serve and eat from, but also to store leftovers in the fridge. This new way of cooking saves time, energy, dishes, and nutrients. It embodies the brand name Tomorrow’s Kitchen that makes innovative kitchen items for preparing, serving and storing food. Consumers share their recipes at

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