SILVA is a deeply-respected, 40-year old, Transylvanian-born beer brand — one of the most iconic local brands in Romania. Currently, SILVA is the crown jewel within Heineken Romania’s portfolio.

Inspirited by its heritage and challenged by its will to better serve the modern consumers’ expectations, SILVA embarked on a quest to reinterpret its old, existing recipes and create new ones.

Under a new strategic route that positions SILVA as an Authentic Romanian Craft-Quality beer brand, a new packaging design was created for its famous beer selection – the savory improved Premium Blonde Lager and the famed crafted Strong Dark Lager, as well as the new, creative blend called Romanian Pale Ale.

The new packaging design is a step forward from the dogmatic approach of industrial beers. The new design conveys the true Transylvanian spirit of the brand identity — under a stylistic treatment of craftsmanship, a declaration for local nature, mastery and genuinely tasty beer.

With the new design, the brand appears Strong, Simple and Modest.

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