Our Research & Development team relentlessly worked for two years, along with French designer Laurent Corio, to create the best possible ceramic oven dishes. We needed to create brand new design that blurs the boundaries between the perfect ceramic oven dish and a beautiful serving dish.

The challenges and obstacles were many, and today we’re proud to have met them all with success.
Laurent, parisian industrial designer, applied to the “Ultime” dishes a design approach used by the car industry to make boxy objects more visually interesting and desirable.
He “sculptured” lines and facets to catch and reflect the light, giving the dishes a distinct–yet timeless–look to fit all types of occasion.

Making ‘Ultime’ dishes required the developement of unique solutions. From the foot and it’s glazed base (delicate to produce) to the raised handles; every detail has been studied to add technical and practical advantages, as well as to enhance the look of the dishes. A non-slip ridge under the handle ensures a better grip. The glazed base adds a sophisticated finishing touch. All 4 rectangular shapes nestle perfectly inside each other for space saving space.

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