From the Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler you can enjoy cold beer even in the hottest weather.
Just soak the Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler for a minute under water or a running tap for the cooling effect to start. The unglazed and porous outer surface of the Tumbler absorbs the water and the evaporation process cools the Tumbler.
The Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler will be approximately 40% cooler than the ambient temperature. Pour cold beer into the Tumbler and enjoy – as long as you like. The Tumbler stays cold for hours, so you can refill it as many times you want.
You can personalize the Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler with chalk. It is also dishwasher safe.
The Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler combines contemporary design with hand craftsmanship techniques and comes to life in this unique look with intelligent cooling properties.
The shape of the Magisso Self-Cooling Tumbler makes it suitable for many types of beers and there was specific attention paid to the best possible mouth feel throughout the design process.

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