SEAt – sitting on the sea

The SEAt is public furniture that was installed on the pedestrian bridge over the sea on the west coast of Korea. Visitors were used to just pass through the bridge rather than stay to enjoy the landscape due to the narrow and plain bridge walk with the high wooden fence blocking the view. For visitors to stay for view on the bridge, the SEAt was designed to incorporate the surroundings of the landscape and bridge specificity.

The SEAt discretely accommodates different needs of visitors; relaxing, engaging and socializing in three typologies; standing, sun-bed, and amphitheater. Collaborating with the glass wall as a part of the design, the visitors can explore the view of landscape effortlessly and comfortably and feel like they sit on the sea. Developed as a landscape sculpture for seating, viewing and resting, the SEAt allures visitors to pause their journey and embrace the vast drama of the seascape on this scenic seat.

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