SAMURAI KNIFE SHARPENER is the Modernist minimalism style. We design features clear lines that lend it a high degree of elegance.

The essence of our products is based on aesthetic life. Based on the user’s life experiences, we combined suction product features with the simple aesthetic design, creating a safe and user-friendly environment.

SAMURAI KNIFE SHARPENER is suitable for general knives. It combined the knife sharpener with suction fixed function that makes users to avoid being injured when sliding the knife. In addition, innovative tool slide structure makes users easy to replace the tungsten steel blade by themselves, reducing to discard the product because of damaged blade, which is the effort we made for the environment.

In addition, there is no need to storage the product. The fashion design makes the product to be part of the house decoration.

1. Innovative platen design makes the suction product can be easily used and fixed on non-breathable table.

2. It’s 100% waterproof so that it can be used on the wet table.

3. Can be attached under 0.4mm rough surface.

4. Reusable. Won’t waste the supplies and environmental protection.

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