Because of its round pot rack and ring knob design, this intelligent gas cooker presents extremely austere aesthetics. And, our deep blue mirror-like glass produced by 8 processes enhances integrity and the sense of future further. In order to bring more convenient and safer operating experiences to users, we integrate magnetic induction technology into domestic gas cookers. Ignition, timing and turning off operation of the cooker can be achieved just by moving and rotating the knob. For the sake of security, the cooker will turn off automatically immediately after the knob is returned to OFF position. Its ring knob design is unique. Besides, we design the cooler with columnar pot rack and increase the number of supporting points from original 4 to 8. For this, the pot will be placed more stably and will be less apt to slide. Automatic adjusting of flame is also included in the intelligent function, in order to provide professional cooking experiences. Moreover, you can control the cooker, or even provide and share recipes by the application program.

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