Robam-825 is a household inlay-type disinfection cabinet specially developed according to Chinese cuisine characteristics, will be opened by flipping the single door down, and has a whole piece of black tempered glass panel which is seamless, bright, smooth, easy to be cleared and well matched with the cabinet. Functionally, internal-circulating seamless ozone sterilization and hot air drying function is designed. Its unique rapid sterilization button for 10min sterilization and 50min drying is available for rapid sterilization. Interior space is up to 115L, approximately 15% higher than that of similar products. Internal wall of the cabinet which is made up by 262 pieces of 30mmX30mm square stamped crystals forms thousands of reflecting planes with the help of high-reflective texture of stainless steel, and strengthens ultraviolet light disinfection function. The sterilizing rate is up to 99.9%. Its internal newly designed double-layer movable bowl basket is matched to features of Chinese dinnerware of multiple specifications and types. The bowl basket at lower layer can be adjusted flexibly and is suitable for different dinnerware.

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