Lush green slopes, snow-capped peaks and deep blue water: Distill the essence of Lake Como’s spectacular setting and you get RIVO Foraged Gin. Most of the 12 botanicals are hand-picked at secret locations on the meadows surrounding the lake, where local women have gathered herbs and flowers for traditional remedies for centuries. Today we consider them pioneers of herbal medicine, but back then they were deprecated as witches.
And it is the topic of magic that inspired the packaging concept. Geometrical lines interact to create abstract elements recalling two key components of Lake Como’s geography: The waves on the lake and the mountains surrounding it.
Como was also the birthplace of Italian Rationalism, an architectural current which was founded on the idea that structure and linearity should be the basis of all design. These principles are also exhibited in the RIVO packaging.
The overall idea of the packaging design of RIVO Gin was to evoke the artisan spirit of Italy in a brand design that sets itself apart from the international competition.

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