1.) The Logotype operates with the concept of „mirroring“, which is important in psychiatry, symmetrically and not symmetrically. Thus, the abbreviation „bzw.“ (= „or/respectively“) relativize sobriety in the term „Psychiatriezentrum Münsingen“, followed by changing, emotional claims.
2.) Stationery: claim „finding solutions together.“
3.) Envelopes: claim „finding solutions together.“
4.) Folder with perforated logo which can be read on the front as „pzm“ on the other side as „bzw.“ = „or/respectively“ with the claim „recognize the other by mirroring.“
New Year‘s card with a perforated logo: on the front as „pzm“ on the other side as „bzw.“ = „or/respectively“. text: „spring starts already at the beginning of the year“ and the new year‘s wish „one should take things as they come. But one should make sure that things come as one would like to take them „ by Curt Götz.
5.) Gadgets with the following claims:
Cup: „resp. finding the hideout of the emptiness together.“
Pen: „resp. finding words together.“
Pencil: „resp. writing live together.“
6.) Paperbags with the following claims
big: „resp. jointly bear the heavy”
small: „resp. filling the emptiness together.“

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