The redesign of the Zumtobel US website was based on a customer feedback survey, which revealed comments such as: “Make it easy for us to sell and pitch your products. Your website is currently doing the opposite.” By working in parallel and partnering with the external agency Anton & Irene, a new website was completed in only four months with limited resources and a small team. The new design embodied the Zumtobel brand and improved the user experience, which is paramount in a fast-moving specification industry. To do this, the site needed to meet three criteria: #1 Make it easy for different customer groups to use; #2 Make it unique and beautiful (like our products); #3 Make it possible to reach the specification sheet in 3 clicks, which was specifically cumbersome with our old website. The target audience included lighting designers, architects, lighting specifiers, sales agents, contractors and installers. Response to the new website has been overwhelmingly positive. Customer comments give high praise for the new design: “We like it a lot. It is clean, simple, yet highly functional. The use of space and ratio of information to pictures is one of the best we’ve encountered.”

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